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Title:  Supervisor Technical Sales


Mita, JP, JP

Job Function:  Sales
Requisition Number:  145711

Job Summary


Responsible for selling cosmetic raw materials to cosmetic manufacturers. We procure materials from overseas and deliver them to domestic manufacturers. We deepen our trust with overseas suppliers and sell raw materials found from all over the world to domestic clients.

General Responsibilities

  • 国内メーカーへ原料、用途、市場動向等を提案

  • ニーズに応じて国内外のサプライヤーを開拓

  • 国内メーカーおよびサプライヤーと交渉

  • 原料の輸出入・販売

  • 見積もり・契約書の作成 など


  • Propose raw materials, applications, market trends, etc. to domestic manufacturers

  • Develop domestic and overseas suppliers according to needs

  • Negotiations with domestic manufacturers and suppliers

  • Import/export/sales of raw materials

  • Preparation of estimates, contracts, etc.

    The best part of this job is that we don't just stick to existing products, but instead find cutting-edge innovations both domestically and internationally, and propose them to manufacturers' development departments. We also welcome individuals with a great deal of discretion and a desire to take on new challenges.

Functional Skills and Knowledge

・化学品商社 or 化学品メーカーでの営業経験
・英語について ビジネス英語スキルが十分でないと言う方でも今後勉強する意欲のある方(会社で英語トレーニングの補助あり)であれば可 ⇒ 但し、応募時に英文経歴書の提出が必須となります。


[Required requirements]
・Sales experience at a chemical trading company or chemical manufacturer
・It doesn't matter what your academic background is, it doesn't matter what your major is.
- Regarding English, even if your business English skills are insufficient, it is possible if you are willing to study in the future (the company will provide support for English training)⇒However, you will be required to submit an English resume at the time of application.

[Welcome requirements]
・It is a plus if you have sales experience in cosmetic raw materials.


Diploma or professional qualification in Science or Engineering-related discipline

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Requisition Number:  145711
Job Function:  Sales

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