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Title:  Manager Technical Services


Mita, JP, JP

Job Function:  Engineering
Requisition Number:  46114

Job Summary




<Job Overview> Understand the mechanical and electrical design of precision air conditioning equipment for data centers, and manage equipment technology including modification and repair.

<Business Summary> End users include IT companies that operate cloud services, telecommunications carriers, finance, e-commerce, and social media. When end users construct a data center, they request a general contractor or design office. Our company conducts sales activities for general contractors and design offices that receive such requests. Additionally, since VERTIV in the United States receives orders for some projects (overseas companies expanding into Japan and constructing data centers), we are also responsible for the fulfillment of overseas projects in Japan.

General Responsibilities


  •  機器性能を理解したうえでの技術サービス(アフターサービス含む)、顧客サポート業務・ 納入設備の運転チェック(情報処理の部分を含む)

  •  納入仕様書の作成、監修、指示(図面監修含む)

  •  設備据付工事の指導・監督、修理調整、トラブル

  • シューティング

  • 顧客に対する技術説明、仕様の打ち合わせ

  • 技術営業補助活動(新規案件の発掘活動を含む)



<Job details>

​Technical services (including after-sales service) based on an understanding of equipment performance, customer support operations, and operational checks of delivered equipment (including information processing parts)

Creation, supervision, and instruction of delivery specifications (including drawing supervision)

Guidance and supervision of equipment installation work, repairs and adjustments, and troubleshooting


Technical explanation and specifications meeting for customers

Technical sales support activities (including new project discovery activities)

Functional Skills and Knowledge



・ 顧客の要望に丁寧に対応する忍耐力、説明力

・ 自主性・自発性

・ チームで仕事をする協調性

・ 英語力(初級以上)


・ 「1級管工事施工管理技士」または「建築設備士」資格保持者は尚可

・ 設備工事の知識と経験、据付を行うサブコンの指揮・管理経験があれば尚可

・ 機械工学の学位があれば尚可



・Person who has practical experience in air conditioners and air conditioner control or related knowledge and experience.

・Patience and ability to explain customer needs in a courteous manner


・Ability to work in a team

・English proficiency (beginner level or above)

[Welcome (WANT)]

- Holders of "1st class pipe construction construction management engineer" or "architectural equipment engineer" qualifications are preferred.

・ Knowledge and experience in equipment construction, as well as experience in directing and managing subcontractors performing installation, is a plus.

・ A degree in mechanical engineering is a plus


Degree in mechanical engineering

Having English-speaking and writing capabilities is preferable

Work Experience

  • More than 5 years in datacenter industry

    More than 10 years in thermal/cooling industry

Requisition Number:  46114
Job Function:  Engineering

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