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Title:  Manager Technical Sales


Mita, JP, JP

Job Function:  Sales
Requisition Number:  50253

Job Summary



<Business overview>
Mainly sales of precision air conditioning equipment and associated precision air conditioning equipment for data centers.
(CRAC, CRAH, fan wall unit, etc.)
<Business summary>
End users include IT companies that operate cloud services, telecommunications carriers, finance, e-commerce, and social media.
When end users construct a data center, they request a general contractor, subcontractor, or design office.
Our company conducts sales activities for general contractors, subcontractors, and design offices that receive such requests.
Additionally, since Vertiv receives orders from overseas for some projects in Japan, we will also be in charge of logistics, test coordination, etc. for those projects.


General Responsibilities

1) 客先( エンドユーザー・設計事務所・PM会社・工事会社) からの引き合い対応、入札情報の収集、新規顧客開拓。
2) 入札書類・見積の作成・取り纏め・価格・条件の交渉
3) プロジェクト及びメンテナンスの契約書作成・条件交渉
4) Vertivの海外技術陣(アジア・アメリカ・中国等)との技術仕様の協議サポート・納期調整
5) プロジェクトの発注・工程・コスト管理、及び工事会社等との現場業務の調整。
6) Vertivとの連絡・協議・調整
7) トラブル・シューティング対応。状況に応じ、海外のSVの手配・日程調整。


<Job details>
1) Responding to inquiries from customers (end users, design offices, PM companies, construction companies), collecting bidding information, and developing new customers.
2) Preparing and compiling bidding documents and estimates, negotiating prices and conditions
3) Project and maintenance contract creation and condition negotiation
4) Consultation support and delivery date adjustment for technical specifications with Vertiv's overseas technical team (Asia, America, China, etc.)
5) Project ordering, schedule and cost management, and coordination of on-site operations with construction companies, etc.
6) Communication/discussion/coordination with Vertiv
7) Trouble shooting support. Arrangements and schedule adjustments for overseas SVs depending on the situation.

Functional Skills and Knowledge



・Business level English proficiency (communication including conference calls with the Vertiv team)
・Sales experience in air conditioning equipment (precision air conditioning, air conditioning equipment, other air conditioning equipment such as refrigerant machines)
・Those who are willing to accept the fact that we may have to respond urgently on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and in the middle of the night in the event of a problem with equipment or equipment.
[Welcome (WANT)]
・We welcome those with experience in data center (computer room) projects for finance, telecommunications carriers, and Sier.
・It is a plus if you have a background in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or architecture.
・It is a plus if you have sales experience based on bidding for general contractors/subcontractors/communications carriers (other end users of data centers)


Degree in mechanical engineering is preferable

Work Experience

More than 5 years in datacenter industry

Requisition Number:  50253
Job Function:  Sales

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